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Reach out to us and one of our clinicians will call you back promptly. During the no-obligation call, we’ll want to hear about YOUR concerns about your child. Together, we’ll figure out how Interact can best help you and your child, and we’ll even take care of the hassle and paperwork for you.



One of our superstar BCBAs will meet with you and your child for a comprehensive assessment. Getting it right is important, so we’ll take the time to get to know you and your child. During the assessment, you can expect your BCBA to ask lots of questions, test your child’s skills in a playful way, and find out more from other people who know your child. We’ll take all that information and use it to design a treatment plan and therapy goals that match your priorities and address your concerns.



 Let the fun begin! We’ll send a team of dedicated and professional behavior therapists to work with your child at the times and in the places that work for you and your child. We’ll bring the treatment plan to life and monitor it in real-time with careful data collection and intense supervision. And of course, we’ll be talking to you all the while to make sure that you are satisfied and seeing real results from therapy.

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