Your child means the world to YOU – and to US.

When therapy is the key to their success – and future—you need to be able to trust your therapy team completely. At Interact Therapy Services, you and your child are in the best of hands. We have the experience, knowledge, compassion and commitment to bring about the change that you seek.

Interact Therapy is guided by our core values:

Dedication, enthusiasm and love of children:

We make learning fun! Kids and their families should always, always look forward to their ABA therapy sessions.

Collaboration and respect:

Parents know best. Period. We will always include you and value your values and perspective. While your child’s best interests are always our top priority, you love and care for them the most.

Inclusion and cultural sensitivity:

Protecting your and your child’s dignity is a responsibility we take seriously. Every person is unique and deserves to feel safe and be the best that they can be. We embrace and celebrate diversity within our families, clients and employees. We’re curious to learn more about you so that we can progress and succeed.

Drive and growth mindset:

We never leave excellent alone—we’re always aspiring to do better and be better. All therapists attend professional development events frequently, and receive intense ongoing supervision and training.

Our Story

ABA therapy works. Years of scientific research, thousands of satisfied parents worldwide, and our personal experience show that intensive, high-quality ABA can change a child’s life forever. So it really hurt when children in need were turned away because of technicalities. We founded Interact Therapy Services because we passionately believe that high-quality ABA therapy should be easy and available to all children who need it.

Meet The Team

Tessie Ahuva Gersten-Brafman, Director, MS, BCBA

As the Director of Interact Therapy Services, Ahuva (rhymes with “Aruba”) is the insight, energy and passion behind everything that happens. Ahuva merges Interact’s clinical and operational sides into one seamless whole, and oversees all the goings-on at Interact with intuition, compassion and loads of fun!

Ahuva has her Masters’ in Psychology and is BCBA certified. She has over 10 years of experience providing ABA therapy to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental challenges in a variety of settings and roles. Ahuva has been an Early Intervention provider, a Clinical Director of an ABA agency, a behavioral consultant in a special education program, and a clinical consultant for ABA start-up agencies. She’s also organized several professional development conferences for local BCBAs. Her broad range of experiences has given her a well-rounded perspective on the needs of children and families.

When not working or mothering her awesome kids, Ahuva is a voracious reader who swallows the written word whole.